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Maize, Medicinal Plants and Mycotoxins

The medicinal plant Sutherlandia Frutescens (SF) is commonly used in South Africa, and its popularity stems from its use as a cancer treatment. It is also endorsed by the South African Ministry of Health as a supplementary treatment for HIV and AIDS. Maize is the staple crop of South Africa, and can be frequently contaminated […]

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Revelatory.Daily Telegraph). Fascinating. (Observer). Engrossing.(Daily Mail). David Litvinoff was one of the great mythic characters of ’60s London. Flitting between the worlds of music, art and crime, he exerted a hidden influence that helped create the Krays twins’ legend, connected the Rolling Stones with London’s dark side, shaped the plot of classic film Performance – […]

Lost Barnsley

Fully illustrated description of Barnsley’s well known, and lesser known, places that have been lost over the years.

Tecido conjuntivo

O livro CONNECTIVE TISSUE do Dr. Keiron Audain é um resumo conciso mas abrangente de informação que cobre todos os aspectos do Tecido Conjuntivo, completo com um glossário completo e perguntas de questionário. Adequado para estudantes universitários e assistentes de ensino. Este livro é dedicado à turma de graduação de Fisiologia Humana de 2014 da […]

Connective Tissue

The book CONNECTIVE TISSUE by Dr Keiron Audain is a concise yet comprehensive digest of information covering all aspects of the Connective Tissue, complete with a full glossary and quiz questions. Suitable for university students and teaching assistants. This book is dedicated to the Human Physiology undergraduate class of 2014 from the University of KwaZulu […]

Endless Flight

The mercurial, self-mythologizing novelist and journalist Joseph Roth, author of the 20th-century masterpiece The Radetzky March, was the finest observer and chronicler of his age. Endless Flight travels with Roth from his childhood in the town of Brody on the eastern edge of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to an unsettled life spent roaming Europe between the […]

Tissu conjonctif

Le livre CONNECTIVE TISSUE du Dr Keiron Audain est un condensé concis mais complet d’informations couvrant tous les aspects du tissu conjonctif, avec un glossaire complet et des questions de quiz. Convient aux étudiants universitaires et aux assistants d’enseignement. Ce livre est dédié à la classe de physiologie humaine de 2014 de l’Université de KwaZulu […]

Dinosaurs – The Grand Tour, Second Edition

Now fully updated with all the latest discoveries: An illustrated guide to the key geology, history, and evolutionary theory for every dinosaur worth knowing about, along with their size and weight, what they ate, when they lived, and where they roamed As a small boy, nothing excited Keiron Pim more than a visit to London’s […]


Das Buch CONNECTIVE TISSUE von Dr. Keiron Audain ist eine prägnante und doch umfassende Zusammenfassung von Informationen zu allen Aspekten des Bindegewebes, mit einem ausführlichen Glossar und Quizfragen. Geeignet für Universitätsstudenten und Lehrassistenten. Dieses Buch ist dem Studiengang Humanphysiologie der University of KwaZulu Natal in Südafrika gewidmet, der im Jahr 2014 abgeschlossen wurde. Bleiben Sie […]

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