Coffee Self-Talk


Take control of your happiness, learn to love yourself, and get the life of your dreams . . . all with your next cup of coffee! Do you want to live an inspired life of sparkling adventure and achieve goals you never thought possible? Start with Coffee Self-Talk. This accessible, powerful routine will show you how to start every day with positivity and energy. By taking just five minutes each morning to practise the art of self-talk, you can reframe the way you think about yourself and prime your mind for happiness, success and self-love. With included self-talk scripts, guidance on how to personalise them for your own goals, and blank pages for journaling and creating your own affirmations, this book will help you: · Learn to love yourself · Unlock happiness, resilience, and confidence · Change your bad habits · Attract wealth, success, and prosperity No matter your circumstances, now is the time to become your best, most magical self – faster than it takes to finish your first cup of coffee! With Coffee Self-Talk you can take control of your life, increase your confidence, and manifest the life of your dreams.

Kristen Helmstetter has used self-talk to find the man of her dreams, travel the world, and become a successful author. She is now the author of over ten other books on self-talk. With her husband and daughter, she splits her time between Arizona and a medieval hilltop town in Umbria, Italy. You can find her on the social media: Instagram @coffeeselftalk @kristen_helmstetter; Facebook @KristenHelmstetter;

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