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Living with the Dead

How We Care for the Deceased

Vibeke Maria Viestad, Andreas Viestad

240 Seiten, Gebunden

Reaktion Books · 2023


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Spanning geographies, cultures, and the ages, a moving journey into the physical facts and metaphysical mysteries of how the living care for the dead.

Death is universal. It will meet us all. But it’s also a practical problem–what do we do with dead bodies? Vibeke Maria and Andreas Viestad live by a cemetery and are daily spectators of its routines, and their fascination with burials has led them to dig deep to examine our relationship with the dead. Taking us on a journey around the world and into the past, the Viestads explore how the deceased are honored and cared for, cremated, and buried. From archaeological sites in Spain, Israel, and Russia to environmentally friendly burials in the United States and Ghana’s fantasy coffins, and from cremations without fire to the new industry turning our dearly departed’s ashes into diamonds, this empathetic and enthralling book is for anyone who knows their turn is coming, but who’d like a good book for the journey.

Vibeke Maria Viestad is an archaeologist at the University of Oslo and an honorary research fellow at Wits University, Johannesburg. She is the author of Dress as Social Relations.

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Gewicht 450 g
Größe 147 × 224 × 25 cm
Autor*in Vibeke Maria Viestad, Andreas Viestad
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
Format Gebunden
Seiten 240 Seiten
ISBN-13 (EAN) 9781789147681
Verlag Reaktion Books
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