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Olivia Jones

Phillip A Brown, Jan Carpenter Tucker (Hg.)

162 Seiten, Kartoniert / Broschiert

Indy Pub · 2022


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Artikelnummer: NDS2993967


Eleven-year-old Olivia “Oli” Jones lives in the backwoods of rural Alabama. Her best friend, Bartholomew “Mo” Wright, helps her make sense of her uncommon life. After all, they both share the same tragic history. Both their fathers enlisted in the Army. Both their fathers fought in Vietnam. Both their fathers never came back. This deeply wounding sadness is something they bear together as only best friends can. However, they want nothing more than a semblance of a “normal” childhood, and when the opportunity comes to have that, they chase it with reckless abandon. One day, Oli and Mo discover that his father is alive and living in a city a couple of towns over. The two friends devise a plan to find him without telling their mothers. In finding Mo’s dad, Oli believes she’ll find answers to her own father’s whereabouts. This harrowing tale is told through a series of flashbacks and backstory, narrated by the brave and determined Olivia. Over a summer, Olivia’s journey spans the state of Alabama, and in the process retraces historic steps across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. She is forced to grow up quickly, as she uncovers dark secrets she wasn’t supposed to find out and learns details about her father’s angst-filled life. The story unfolds through more inspired events, including a widely publicized court case. We eventually come to understand how powerfully lives can be transformed when people join forces for good.

Phillip (also known as Phil) A. Brown grew up a second-generation San Diego, California native. For more than four decades Phil has used his gifts, talents and skills to create a positive economic difference in urban underserved communities like the one in which he grew up. He focuses on creating self-empowerment and community empowerment through sports, entrepreneurship, economic development and by producing inspirational methods and tools to facilitate learning about African American history. This historical fiction, “Olivia Jones,” (Phil’s first foray into authorship), centers Selma, Alabama’s rich voting rights history.

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Gewicht 219 g
Größe 210 × 148 × 10 cm
Autor*in Phillip A Brown, Jan Carpenter Tucker (Hg.)
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Format Kartoniert / Broschiert
Seiten 162 Seiten
ISBN-13 (EAN) 9781088001868
Verlag Indy Pub
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